Monday, August 10, 2009

Joanie's news

I was concerned that Joanie had not urinated for more than 24 hours, so I called the vet to ask if I should bring her in for a check-up. The vet said I could wait until tomorrow, but I thought I'd play it safe.

So Joanie went for a ride to the hospital again.

At the hospital, the young vet who attended to her the first day we brought her in was so pleased to see Joanie. He checked her, and was worried about the rather unusual bulge on her tummy. We all know an abdominal bulge is the last thing we want to see on Joanie as that could indicate that the sutures inside had ruptured and fluids are leaking out.

To be safe and sure, the young vet decided we should do an ultra-sound scan to determine just what is causing the bulge. It turned out that it was her intestines! Also, the ultra-sound indicated that Joanie has a full bladder.

Why was she not urinating? It could be due to the loss of the ability for the muscles to contract, but this can be helped with medication.

We had three vets attending to Joanie today - oh wow! The young vet told me everybody in the hospital knows about Joanie now.

Finally, the senior vet told me I should observe Joanie for tonight, and record her behaviour as much as possible because that would help the vets determine how best to help her.

And I am to bring her back tomorrow to the hospital if there is still no urination by then.

Joanie, please pee.....

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Violet Yee said...

I have been following Joanie's well being. Yes... I am also praying that she pees.