Friday, August 7, 2009

Joanie's supper time!

We went out for dinner this evening, so Joanie is now having supper instead of dinner. "Supper" includes her medications, of course. Here's Bobby watching close by, as he had with all the other kittens I've brought back.
My husband came back from work, took one look at Joanie and said, "Got confident!" Oh yes, she certainly has CHARISMA (as the late Yasmin Ahmad would say, "pee also got charisma!" (those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, PLEASE watch Yasmin Ahmad's last public speech on u-tube - don't miss the part about great people who care for spiders, please!).
Yes, Joanie certainly has charisma and she's got an unbelievable (and indomitable) fighting spirit too.
Tomorrow, I need to buy a digital rectal thermometer to monitor her temperature every day. If her necrotic insides gets infected, the first sign would be a fever, and I'd have to bring her back to the hospital immediately.
So far, she's ok. Eating off my hand. No more force-feeding.
Got charisma. Yes, oh yes!

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