Sunday, August 16, 2009

Joanie news

My regular coffee shop for coconut water was closed today, so I drove around Subang Jaya looking for coconut water to buy for Joanie. Finally, found a shop that sells it so I brought the coconut water home (yes, I can drive already, though I still cannot walk properly).

But Joanie is naughty today and spat out half of what I fed her.

I also saw two patches of urine in her litter box, but I dont know if it is hers because on both occasions, naughty little Suki was inside the same cage. Suki spends half the time with Joanie now. It relieves ME a great deal!

I also went down to the clinic. Rani had rescued a dog from USJ11 and is now boarding at the clinic. It's a very friendly dog and is definitely a home pet. Rani has asked me to help her find the owner. I've put up a pet profile at I hope the dog will be reunited with his owner soon.

At the clinic there was a very sick kitten. He's being treated for mange, and appeared to be very weak. He could not even get up. Was in a lying down position (sideways). Poor little thing. I stayed and talked to him for a while, telling him to be strong and that he must get well. He mewed, and then he got up and walked towards me. I hope he gets well soon. Will go see him again tomorrow.

Sometimes don't you wish you had a few pairs of hands, and a few houses (!) so that you can bring back all these sick animals and nurse them? If only we had more "animal nurses". Sometimes, as Terry said, all it takes is just to hug them. That already helps. Even if you don't succeed in healing them, at least you've filled their final days with love and caring.

AnimalCare is looking for fosterers and "nurses". If you are keen to help, please contact me. You don't have to be trained. All it takes is to look deep into your heart, and you will know what to do. It complements what medicine is already doing. It really, really helps. Believe me, it does.

For every life saved or comforted, you have given something precious and meaningful to a fellow living being.

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