Friday, August 28, 2009

It's raining hippos and rhinoceroses

Good morning, everyone. It's raining hippos and rhinos here in Subang Jaya. And while little Suki is nicely tugged in with Vixey in their warm basket, I cannot help worrying if Joanie is alright out there. I hope she has found a nice and dry spot in the drain where she is comfortable.

I went out yesterday morning but did not spot Joanie at all. I did leave dry food in three places and these were untouched when I checked on my way back.

Then, I was out the whole day so I didn't get the check again in the evening.

It has been truly a very busy week. Busy, but productive. Remember that death comes anytime, so while we are still alive, we ought to make full use of this time and do everything we can.

Coincidentally, I gave a talk about Gratitude to the IMU students on Wednesday, and I told them we can be thankful no matter what happens, if we choose to see the positive side to any situation. There is always a silver lining behind every cloud and thunderstorm.

The No Plastic Bag Bazaar is just around the corner (on 31st August). I hope you will find some time to come support us. This would be our first secular (big) event. I'm given a speaking slot at 5pm, towards the end of the event.

And next week onwards, you won't be hearing much from me, especially in the mornings, because my college semester will begin again, and I've been give a packed-to-the-brim timetable to manage. Teaching calculus for 22 hours a week! Is that humanly possible? Well, I'll just have to do my very best.

I like Yoda's famous quote: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

So, let's just DO it. Don't try. Just do it!

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Miss FW said...

This is truly a serenity moment. Vixey Vixey the kindest heart of all... =)