Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joanie's back in hospital today

Hi everyone, Joanie did NOT pee last night or this morning, so she is back in hospital now for treatment and observation until this evening. She was given a medicine to relax the sphincter (a circular muscle that controls the orifice for urination) so that it can "open up". If this doesn't work, then some medication to help muscle spasm later. The last option would be to drain out the urine.

We shall see...

Meanwhile, I asked the young vet what is best for Joanie after she fully recovers. Should I return her to Aunty Kiew or keep her? My only worry is that Joanie escapes from my house and runs back to Old Klang Road, AND get lost along the way (that would be the biggest nightmare of my life). The vet says that's really a very diffcult decision. But here are some considerations:

1. Once a cat vacates her territory, another would take its place, so Joanie may not have a territory anymore in Old Klang Road now. She might not be accepted anymore over there by the colony.

2. If I return her there, she might run back to my house (which is also another nightmare, because it's just too far away).

3. If I keep her, she might run back to Old Klang Road (depending on how good her memory is). Also, a nightmare.

4. "It's really up to Joanie" - the vet says, and that's so true. I wish Joanie could talk.

My cats are not caged up at all. They have a free run of the house and my windows are open because my cats like to lounge on the patio, and they do roam on my street a bit. They also prefer to do their business on my front lawn, so I need the windows to be open.

But let's take it one day at a time, and hope Joanie pees today.

Meanwhile, the little terror (Xiao Li) is terrorizing everyone. But she is quite well-behaved and is now tired out after half an hour of noise-making. She is asleep now.

And I have tons of final exam papers to mark! No rest for me...

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