Thursday, August 6, 2009

Joanie can go "home" tomorrow!

Joanie's latest blood test shows a marked improvement. From very bad readings initially, now all her readings have come back to normal (except for two, which also are almost in the normal range).

Joanie has literally "come back to life" after undergoing an ordeal so terribly unimaginable - obstructed labour and having dead foetuses decomposing inside her uterus. Under the medical expertise of the vets, and with all your positive thoughts and love, she survived moment by moment, each one a miracle.

This evening, the surgeon who had operated on her said she is ready to be discharged. We were taken aback as this was totally unexpected. The surgeon said her blood test results show that she can be taken off the drip already, and she has no reason to remain in the hospital. However, she has not fully recovered as this would take time. She would need to be confined and to be under medication (plus a lot of love and care, of course). Her sutures need to be removed later.

So, folks - the worst is over now. Joanie can go home!

But where is home?

Joanie doesn't have a home. She was a stray. Now, she needs a home.

Would anyone like to adopt or foster Joanie? The person who takes upon this task would have to continue administering her medication and monitor her condition. If it takes a turn for the worst, Joanie would have to be brought back to the hospital and be re-admitted.

If anyone is interested, please contact me as soon as possible. We will most probably get her discharged tomorrow.

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