Friday, August 7, 2009

Joanie's tea time

Hello everyone. I just fed Joanie, and she licked the food off my hand now - no longer needs to be force-fed. And what an appetite too!

I gave her the spirulina as well. She spat out half of it, though - needs to learn to like the taste since it's berry-flavoured. Yummz - can I have some, too? The left-overs?

I was a little worried earlier when all my cats went out leaving only Vixey (who was sulking) and Indy. Was relieved just now when Cow and Bunny came back - so I bribed them with wetfood again.

Bobby (the dog) is ever so happy and willing to make friends, but Joanie is not interested in this "other species". Not yet.

Vixey finally decided there's no point sulking too much, so she came back inside and went into her favourite bungalow. But she still wasn't too happy, so she casually peeped into Joanie's cage (btw, Joanie's decided she likes to sit inside the litter box!), and has now left the room again.

I am keeping ALL my fingers crossed that my cats will be sympathetic, that compassion will override jealousy.

I'm still waiting for Cleo, Lil Chief, Tiger and Polar to come back.


Miss FW said...

Hi! mind to post some brief description of your cats?wif pics too? would love to know them =).

chankahyein said...

Hi Miss FW, will do so after I finish all the marking of my exam scripts. Otherwise, you can read all about them in my book, Pawprints. E-version available at