Sunday, August 9, 2009

I want milk!!!

I do wonder whether this little Xiao Li is really 2 1/2 weeks old or actually older. She appears to be way beyond her years, I mean, weeks.
She detected Joanie's can of AD on the floor, made her way there, and started sucking the juice from the AD! are supposed to be only drinking milk, please!
Look at her in the photo. She is holding the bottle herself. Just can't wait - I'm hungry, I'm hungry!!
Meanwhile, Joanie is finally fast asleep now. My daughter noticed Joanie never really slept during the first two days. Guess Xiao Li's antics have tired her out!
I asked my husband what "Li" means in Chinese (mandarin). I know "xiao" means "small". He said it can mean quite a number of things. For example, "beauty", "strength", "independent" or "one to be feared" (li hai). I guess all these meanings fit the bill. This little tyke may be "xiao" (small), but her initials are "XL"!!
P.S. "Xiao Li" was the name given by her rescuer, Yen Ling. Which "Li" did you mean, Yen Ling?

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Yen Ling said...

i am glad that XL is doing fine and especilly Joanie is enjoying her company.

Xiao Li - LittleOne. She was really tiny and horrible looking when she was first saved from the drain. But yes, the Li as described fit her well. She is an all-rounder "Li". =)

Well she ate the whiskas pouch i left for the mama cat on day 1! i had to "tear" her away from the adult cat food. She is really an adventorous cat.

I hope to visit she and joanie again. pls let me know if u need milk for XL. I will buy some more n bring to XL.

Thank you Dr.Chan