Saturday, August 15, 2009

A picture of peace

I managed to finally "coax" Joanie to come out from under the bed, ie. I pulled her out, and in the process, I have some scars to show for it!

Not taking anymore chances, I'm putting her back into the cage. Earlier in the evening, I took her out into the garden to let her get a feel of some sand, but she just sat on it and did not pee.
I even got some chicken meat and cooked for her, thinking that she might prefer her "former diet" when she was a stray, but she merely licked up all the soup and left the solids untouched. Suki tried to eat the solids, though, and ended up having some chicken skin stuck in her mouth. I had to battle with her to get the stuff out of her teeth.
So Joanie has not pee-ed since the last trip to hospital. I also gave her coconut water today. Didn't seem to work.
I called the vet, and he too is puzzled. She seems to only pee when she is at the hospital. The vet thinks (and I hope he is right) that it is a behavioural problem and not a physiological one.
If indeed it is a behavioural problem, we need a feline psychiatrist to talk to Joanie, ie.
Psychiatrist: So Joanie, tell me a bit about your childhood...
Joanie: ........
Any animal communicator out there?
I'll have to send Joanie to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning. No Bentong trip for me tomorrow then. Anyway, tomorrow there is a big ceremony at LLLF - lots of people are going to release animals. I'm not much of a ceremony person because I'm scared of human crowds. And with a sprained ankle, it's best to stay home and rest.
Rest? With two dog and ten to?

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