Saturday, August 15, 2009

Joanie...LOST! (and found...)

I was busy doing the new AnimalCare brochure all morning and had left Joanie and Suki in the kitchen in their new home (per kindness of Vixey - it's Vixey's Summer Palace in the kitchen, pls see photo above). The two had taken over the palace for the morning. Whenever Suki wandered off, Joanie would walk over and pick her up by the neck and bring her back.
Then, suddenly, I noticed Suki walking into my room, so I quickly went out to check on Joanie. Horrors of horrors, Joanie was missing!!
I limped all over the house (sprained my ankle very badly yesterday), looking for her, looking under the sofa, etc. This is where I realise how much hindrance a sprained ankle is - you can't squat, you can't get up unless you use your arms, and I had actually sprained my left leg and my left arm, so....
Yes, I am an invalid today.
I was so worried she might have gone out through the window and was now on her way back to Old Klang Road. Horrors!! Please, no!
Joanie was nowhere downstairs, so I had to trudge upstairs. Sprained ankle or no sprained ankle, I trudged upstairs and started looking around, and there she was! Phew!!
She was happily sitting under my son's bed.
I tried coaxing her to come out, but she was adamant. And in my condition, there was no way I could get her out. She was right in the middle of the underside of the bed. If you stretch your arm in, you cannot reach her. Cats are always like that.
So I trudged downstairs again, ouch, ouch, ouch...and brought her litter box, her food and water up, and left the fan on for her.
I've been up to see her a few times now, but she would not come out.
Joanie has not urinated again, and by evening, I would need to take her to the vet's again. I have no idea how I am going to drive there with a sprained ankle.
My friend, Kit, tells me that you just have to ask, and the universe will provide the answer.
Ok, I'm asking now....
I hope the answer will come by evening.
Meanwhile, can I also ask Joanie to come out from under the bed?
Come out, Joanie, please...

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