Monday, August 3, 2009

Loving across boundaries

This is Tiger (the cat) and Bobby (our 13- year old "mongrel poodle"). Tiger was rescued when he was about 1-month old and has been living with us ever since. When Tiger first came, our first three rescued cats were not too friendly to him (a classic case of feline jealousy), so Bobby took it upon himself to be Tiger's "big brother" and protected him from the three older cats.
Recently, Tiger (who has chosen to be free-roaming) came back with a recurring wound at the back of his ear, and Bobby was very concerned. The photo above shows Bobby licking Tiger's wound.
Every time Tiger comes back with that persistent wound, Bobby would lick it and yes, it heals! Bobby's saliva seems to be far more effective than the iodine that I apply!
Animals (just as we humans) learn to be kind and loving because they have been treated with love and kindness. They too (just as we humans) learn by example.
Animals can learn.
So can humans. But some choose not to and continue dumping animals and abusing them just because they are stronger than these poor helpless animals .
There is no wisdom greater than kindness.
Even animals can cultivate this wisdom.


Anonymous said...

The saliva of the dog has healing powers. It is true. When I was small and had wounds on my legs, I would always get a dog to lick the wounds. And the wounds would heal within the next few days.

Dont believe it? Try it yourself next time.


khim said...

i've submitted this loving photo to thumbnails star. hope it wins. i apologize for not seeking your permission first - too eager!