Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joanie pees on me! (Day Four, morning)

Sorry the photo isn't clear, but that's Joanie lying on my lap after feeding. And while I was feeding her, she pee-ed on me! Now, that's a good sign! At least we know she CAN still pee. Every little thing that Joanie can do now is a milestone because we still do not know the extent of damage the toxins have done to her body.
I spoke to the surgeon who operated on her and he said that we do not know if anything is still rotting inside her because the tissues were already necrotic. She may heal eventually, or she may take a turn for the worst. Right now, he says Joanie is still in a very dull and depressed state.
Although she is eating and pee-ing, this does not necessarily mean she is getting well. It is still too early to tell.
He says that if she improves further in the next few days, he may consider taking her off the drip or even discharging her.
But here comes to next big question: Who is going to adopt her? She cannot be returned to the street. She would need to be confined for a least a few more months so that her condition can be monitored.
As you all know, Joanie is a stray, fed by Aunty Kiew. Joanie has never had a home, but she needs one now.
I'll quote the surgeon verbatim, so that I give you a fair picture. He said whoever adopts Joanie is getting a car with a rotten engine. That's hard talking, but these are the facts.
Still, it doesn't mean the rotten engine cannot heal. There is a chance it can.
If anyone is game on fostering or adopting Joanie, please contact me.

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Anonymous said...

Kah Yein, thank you for updating.

Little Joanie, please please keep on fighting for your survival...Aunty Kiew miss you very much.

Hong Yee