Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joanie's updates (Day Four, evening)

It would have been more appropriate for me to give this posting the title "Joanie poo-poo-ed this evening" (!!), because she did! Now, that's an achievement. At least now, we know she can still urinate and defecate and these are all good signs.

I handfed her again, and she ate it all up, but she still has not regained her desire for food. She is merely swallowing whatever I put into her mouth. There doesn't seem to be any urge to eat yet.

She also cannot stand up yet. Maybe she is still very weak.

My friend, Sumitra, has offered to give me some spirulina for Joanie. We'll try that, if the vet says it's ok.

If Joanie can be discharged, would anyone like to adopt her? It can be very rewarding looking after a "special" cat like Joanie. As I've written this morning, Vixey took a year before she showed any signs of improvement. We have a very special relationship now. An "understanding" that goes deeper than words can ever describe.

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Anonymous said...

A great relief to hear the improvement! A big step for Joanie!

Keep on moving please, Joanie!!

Hong Yee