Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joanie visits her "landlady"

Joanie still cannot squat to urinate and defecate, so I have to clean her a few times every day. This morning, after cleaning her up, I left her outside her cage, and when I came back, she had already walked (!) by herself to Vixey's bungalow - to pay respects and say "thank you" to her landlady?
Really, Vixey has been super magnanimous, sharing her room and space with not just one, but two new "tenants" - Joanie and Xiao Li. I even had to take one of her bungalows out to the kitchen because there is no more space in the room now.
Later, Joanie started exploring the room. She even jumped up onto the rattan trunk (see photo) and tried to climb up the window. Now, she is sitting on "Vixey's heater" (which incidentally, is the router). Vixey has hypothyroidism and needs heat. The router is Vixey's favourite spot, and now, Joanie has taken it.
Oh dear...I need to do some sweet-talking to Vixey now.
Xiao Li, meanwhile, has been pretty well-behaved. Maybe she knows I have so much to do, she (we assume she is a "she" since she is so sweet and is tri-colour), she isn't making a fuss. After feeding, she plays a little, and goes back to her styrofoam box to sleep. What a sweet little tyke! I need to take Xiao Li for deworming later, and I have a talk this morning, too.
There is so, so much to do!
AnimalCare needs more volunteers, please!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kah Yein for bringing Joanie back to your home. Thanks again.

Hong Yee

chankahyein said...

I dont think Aunty Kiew can look after Joanie yet. She still needs nursing care and Aunty Kiew says she doesn't have the time. Joanie's temperature needs to be monitored daily too because we are still afraid the internal suture might rupture and infection would set in. The doctors said it might take weeks or even months before Joanie can be declared "healthy enough". By then, does Joanie stay with me, or does Aunty Kiew want her back?