Friday, August 7, 2009

Today's "happenings"

Good morning, everyone. The photo above shows Indy Jones looking at his very own book! And you see the white bottle on the table? That's the liquid spirulina sponsored by Sumitra - it's for Joanie, to help in her healing and the boosting of her immune system. Thank you so much, Sumitra. The doctor said it's best to wait until her diarrhoea clears, so I'll give it to her when that happens.

Today, if all goes well, Joanie will be discharged. The surgeon was very kind - he was thinking of the hefty medical bill that we'd (all of us!) will be paying if Joanie remains admitted in the hospital. Also, I've been travelling from Subang Jaya twice a day, squeezing time off from work, to nurse Joanie as she still needs to be handfed, and slowly too.

Now, here's the problem - where am I going to put Joanie? No one has indicated that he/she can foster Joanie. I'm worried my brood (of extremely jealous and possessive cats) will run away again, as they did when I brought Felix back to nurse. My house "ain't big enough for everyone" (!) and everyone has defined his/her space. A cat expert recently told me I cannot bring home another cat because my colony is already "saturated".

And we also have cute little Xiao Li still looking for a home. Her rescuer's relatives insist that she cannot stay anymore. Poor little Xiao Li is only about 2-3 weeks old and will never be able to survive on her own if left out on the street. As it is, she had already fallen into the drain three times.

Meanwhile, today, we have two more spayings. A kind gentleman called me up yesterday to ask if he could use our panel vets to get two stray cats spayed. By all means, please do, as long as you let me know and I inform the vet to fix an appointment. He is also going to pay for the spaying himself. Now, that's what we are working towards - more caregivers, ie. more CNRMers. He says he and his friends have been feeding stray cats, but cannot afford the high medical fees of the private vets for spaying/neutering. I told him they are all most welcome to go to our panel vets as long as they go through the proper channel and they are helping stray animals. We'll pay for the spaying/neutering for those rescuers who cannot afford to.

Way to go! This is wonderful!

If you can help me out with Joanie and Xiao Li, I'd be most grateful. Any ideas?

Xiao Li is really oh-so-so-so adorable. Please see her photo in yesterday's posting.

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