Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joanie shows some interest

Lookie,'s Joanie going by herself to Xiao Li's cage and looking at her. I still dare not put Xiao Li together with Joanie because I'm not sure how Joanie would react.
Meanwhile, Vixey seems ok with perky lil Xiao Li bringing some life (and lots of NOISE!) to the otherwise quiet room. After all, we must remember that this IS Vixey's room. Even I am merely renting a space for my laptop and books!
My other female, Cleo, however, is not too happy. Cleo is also tri-colour, like Xiao Li. In fact, the two look pretty much alike, especially the black-stocking-ed legs. Both look so stylish!!
I've brought Xiao Li for a check-up and the vet says she is still too young to be dewormed. There's some discharge in her eye, so I've got her an eye-drop. On the way back, I also purchased a feeding bottle. The syringe is too messy for someone as impatient as Xiao Li - it's like World War 3, trying to feed her with the syringe!
Now I have to be really diplomatic - got to continue "bribing" my other cats into accepting Joanie and Xiao Li.
I still do not know what to do with Joanie later on, when she has fully recovered. Do I return her to Aunty Kiew? Aunty Kiew cannot look after her now because Joanie still needs nursing care.
There is an interested adopter for Xiao Li, too. But I think her photo is misleading because it was a close-up. She is really so much tinier than her photo shows. The vet says she is only about 2 1/2 weeks. The mortality rate of kittens this age is still quite high. They need nursing care.
A friend rescued four, and three didn't make it. Another friend rescued three, and two didn't make it.
Are Joanie and Xiao Li destined to stay with me? Or are they just passing through?
What should I do?

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