Sunday, August 30, 2009

Of ping pong balls and tudung periuks

Happiness is a brightly-coloured ball.
That's Suki playing with the orange ping pong ball which has been Little Chief and Indy's childhood toy. And we got her the pink ball with a bell, too. Somehow, she still prefers the orange-coloured ball, which incidentally, is already nipped (thanks to the ever boisterous Indy Jones!).
Then, after the balls, it's biting the handle of Vixey's basket. No, she didn't ask Vixey for permission. Kittens don't need permission to do what they want. Or cats, for that matter. They "just do it", Nike-styled.
And after that, it's toppling over the tudung periuk (that's the Malay term for food cover), and Bobby's looking on.
Isn't it fun to be a kid? Or a kit?

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