Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joanie's updates (Day Three, evening)

Joanie was sleeping when I reached the hospital this evening. She seemed lethargic and tired. I put her on my lap and sang softly to her. She was quite comfortable.

Later, I handfed her some food, and she ate pretty well. As in the morning, it had to be done very slowly.

The doctors had done an ultrasound scan to ascertain if the distension of the abdomen is due to any fluid (we hope not - as that might mean the suture had ruptured). To our relief, as of now, the doctors did not see any evidence of fluid in her abdomen (folks, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed). However, it was her bladder. Her bladder was full, but she wasn't urinating.

We noticed some urine on Day 2, but she could have leaked a bit, and not actually urinated.

Since her uterus and the "tube" leading to the vaginal opening had turned necrotic (septic), there is a possibility that the septicaemia has affected her ability to urinate as well. We certainly hope not. The doctor then gave her a tablet to stimulate the muscle with the hope that she can urinate later. If by this evening she still doesn't do it, they would have to drain the urine out.

I suggested stimulating the privates with wet cotton wool. It's a long shot (only works for babies) but what is there to lose. So I tried, but it did not work.

Doctors say to take it one day at a time because anything can happen. Before I left, I told Joanie she must try to pee.

P.S. As I was finishing this posting, there was a call from the doctor. My heart missed several beats as I took the call (thinking the worst had happened). The doctor started by saying they were about to drain her urine when Joanie went and pee-ed all by herself! Phew...and hooray!! Though she did it lying down, it is still a good sign as it (hopefully) means she has not lost her ability to urinate and that part of the body is still functional. The doctor says she pee-ed "a lot" too. The distension of the abdomen could be due to enlarged mammary glands (due to her pregnancy) or stretching of the skin (both of which is harmless). Still, the doctor isn't too optimistic yet and told me to be prepared for the worst.

We shall continue radiating positive thoughts to Joanie for her quick recovery. Please join me in doing this.

P.P.S. I was listening to Yasmin Ahmad's last public speech on u-tube this afternoon and she talked about this great poet who cared for spiders. And she said great people who can let go of their ego would care for those beings who are smaller and at their mercy.

"The deeper minds of all ages have had pity for animals."~Friedrich Nietzsche

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