Saturday, August 22, 2009

Joanie is missing

I spent the last one hour scouring the neighbourhood looking for Joanie. The last I saw her was in the living room, under her favourite coffee table. The next thing I knew, she was nowhere to be found. I have search every nook and corner of the house - she is not here.

I have gone on foot, and by car, around my neighbourhood, calling out her name, but she is nowhere to be seen.

If this were the first time a cat has gone missing from my house, I would ring the panic button and cry buckets right now, but I have encountered this before...and learnt from it. Polar (also a female, but very independent) has gone missing for as many as 5 days to a week, but she finally came home, and still comes home now. Wolf went missing, but never came home.

Some of my friends scold me for not caging my cats, but cats are independent and free-roaming creatures. They will not be happy being caged up. None of my cats are caged up, unless they are sick. It is my decision not to cage my cats, even after Kimba passed away. I know there are risks that come with this decision, but I believe they will be happier being free.

I have also learnt that if a cat does not want to be found, you will never be able to find him/her.

It is ironical that my husband predicted that Joanie will run away once she has healed. He said he could see that in her eyes, that she is a free spirit, and wants to be so. "She is just waiting to run..." was his exact words.

Of course I hope Joanie will return. I know she has that homing instinct, because she went missing from her colony for 4-5 days when she was living in Old Klang Road. But when she was suffering from her obstructed labour and needed help, she went back to Aunty Kiew and asked for help. Aunty Kiew also told me that Joanie is a very "unsociable" cat and would not even allow her to pat her, or come near even though Aunty Kiew feeds her.

If Joanie does not return, I know she has healed and prefers a free life. If Joanie is in pain, is hungry or misses Suki, I am sure she would return.

I am very sad right now, and I am crying.

But this is a fact of life, and this is the way it is.

I have to accept things as they are.

Joanie has lived her entire life as a feral cat. Maybe she prefers to be so, and is not happy living inside a house. It is her decision and I have to accept that.

If you can, please pray that Joanie is safe, wherever she is.

I will pray for her safety and happiness.

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