Monday, August 3, 2009

Joanie's updates (Day Two, evening)

I just came back from the hospital after spending 2 1/2 hours with Joanie. The prognosis is still bad. She is not eating. I managed to feed her about 3ml of water and just a very, very tiny bit of AD (wetfood).

Her blood test results are in and it doesn't look good, as expected. Everything points towards severe dehydration, possible starvation or toxemia. It could also be some other problems. We would never really know because no one knows her history.

But Joanie is a fighter. And she is hanging on.

While I was there, I did the T-Touch Therapy gently on her, with the hope that her body might respond to human touch.

Before I left, I told her I'd be coming again tomorrow to see her.

Get well soon, Joanie. We're all praying for you.


Anonymous said...

This is a tribute to you, KahYein, for all the wonderful, compassionate work you have done to save the lives of these animals.

(A Tribute to Volunteers)
By Dee Clair

I greet each day inside my cage
And wait for God to write my page
I wonder if you’ll come today?
And let me feel the light of day

My whole life has been dark with pain
And those who caused it--what did they gain?
They stole my trust, my livelihood
And all because they simply could

I yearn to run through scented fields
Without a cage and lock to yield
To chase a squirrel that can't be caught
To earn a love that can't be bought

But the darkest days have a light
In the quiet mornings that follow night
You come to visit every day
Without a motive, without a pay

You carried me when I was weak
Brought trust I was too pained to seek
You healed my wounds that took their toll
You rescued my slowly dying soul

And now I listen for your voice
Knowing that you're here by choice
You didn’t know me at the start
And yet I’m planted in your heart

I’m learning to accept your praise
And not avert my fearful gaze
Forgive me if I cower still
My life has been against my will

I feel that you are growing tired
Within this fight that you’ve been mired
If you can keep your doubts at bay
It would mean the world if you could stay

I can’t predict how this will end
But I know this of you, my friend
You selflessly all played your part
You saved me with your tender heart

Violet Yee said...

Please, please, please Joanie get better.
Joanie, you have gone through so much.
Please don't give up.

Thank You Chan Kah Yein for doing what you do.