Sunday, August 23, 2009

Searching for Joanie with my cats

That's the drain I first spotted Joanie in, it is right under the pavement leading to my house. I crawled through it (it's much smaller than it looks), and was this close to her, but she dashed off.

That's Pole, Cow and Bunny helping me search this evening. The last photo shows the drain into the corner house where I saw Joanie dash in twice. I think she has found her space in there.

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Miss FW said...

oh sad to hear bout this.
look at the good side, u still have Pole, Cow and Bunny, and they are really the your loyal cats. Im touched to see that they help you to search 4 joanie. Joanie probably didnt stay too far from you. thats why you still can spot her nearby your house. =)
i guess if one day joanie injured, she might crawl back to ur house? she knows where or when to find you i guess. for now mebe she just need to be 'herself'. =D