Monday, August 17, 2009

La La Lu

It is now 11.36pm. As I am here, racking my brains to think of what to say in an interfaith dialogue I'm attending tomorrow night, our two friends, Joanie and Suki have gone back to their cage and are fast asleep.

I am instantly reminded of this song from my childhood, "La La Lu", from Disney's Lady & the Tramp. For those of you who are too young to know this song, do google it and listen to it.
It's lovely...
La la lu, La la lu
Oh, my little star sweeper
I’ll sweep the stardust for you
La la lu, La la lu
Little soft fluffy sleeper
Here comes a pink cloud for you
La la lu, La la lu
Little wandering angel
Fold up your wings for tonight
La la lu, La la lu
And may love be your keeper
La la lu, La la lu, La la lu
Goodnight, everyone. And may love be your keeper always.


Miss FW said...

God works His miracle in His own way.
Joanie-Suki had filled each other's gap perfectly. Strange, their fur display different colour codes but their eyes and actions shows love and 'thanking' gratitude.
Watching their world revolve around you is very very touching.
Everyday i look forward to hear the latest news of this duo. They really make my day =) .
Animals indeed are much loving than human.
All the best for you and Joanie-Suki ;) Good Night!

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Ms FW. It is so nice to know there are people who are interested in Joanie-Suki. By that mere fact, you are already sending positive thoughts to them, and this helps tremendously. A thought...can travel far.