Monday, August 24, 2009

We FED Joanie today!!

Yesterday, Hong Yee (the lady who introduced me to Aunty Kiew) emailed to ask if it would help if she brought Aunty Kiew over to my house to try and look for Joanie. I guess it is worth a try, so Hong Yee and Aunty Kiew came this morning, at about 11am.

We patrolled the neighbourhood, and Aunty Kiew used her usual "cat call" (meow, meow, peeet....) to get Joanie to come out. We split up and an Indian lady told Hong Yee she saw Joanie this morning in her backyard. I was so excited when I heard this, and quickly ran back to get a flyer to give to this Indian lady.

It was on the street behind mine that Hong Yee received a call from Aunty Kiew to say Joanie had been spotted. We both rushed there and there she was!!!

It was Joanie!!!

Joanie responded to Aunty Kiew's "cat all" and came out of the drain, looking suspicious. I ran home to get a can of food. Had run out of mackerel, so I brought dog food instead, and Joanie's Tupperware.

Aunty Kiew dished some food out, and Joanie ate!

Although Aunty Kiew was THIS close (a matter of inches), Joanie did not allow herself to be caught.

She ate quite heartily, though. I stood at a distance because I did not want to frighten her. She may associate me with antibiotics, something she doesn't quite like. I also brought the carrier along.

Hong Yee and I decided to go into the drain on one end, and Aunty Kiew, on the other end. And we would wait.

But all it took was one split second, and Joanie escaped right before our eyes. Again! Cats are THAT fast!! They move, I would say, almost at the speed of light.

Later, we brought Suki too, hoping to entice her out. Suki mewed, and mewed, but Joanie would not come out.

Then, we all went back to my house and had a drink.

Later, we went out again, to the same place, and Aunty Kiew used her cat call. Joanie came out again, but Aunty Kiew could not catch her.

We dare not be too aggressive in trying to catch her as that would only frighten her away. You can never catch a cat using force, Aunty Kiew said. And she is absolutely right.

Aunty Kiew had been feeding Joanie for two years now, so Joanie would respond to her familiar cat call.

Well, we did not manage to catch Joanie, but at least we know she is ok, and we even managed to give her a meal. For that, I am relieved and thankful.

I will buy some sardines or mackerel, and try to feed her again tomorrow. Or later, this evening.

I wouldn't mind if Joanie preferred to live in that drain, as long as she is safe. It would be a bonus too, if I get to feed her every day.

I'll be thankful for the little blessings in life!

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