Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suki meets Cleo up close

Cleo (the tri-coloured princess in the family) has been one of the last to accept Suki. Well, you know what happens when two ladies are seen to be wearing the same clothes, right? That explains it all...

Today, I decided to put them up close together. With mackerel as "bait", of course. And it worked! Cleo did not run away this time. Guess the lure of the the mackerel was just too...irresistible?

Then, after feasting with Cleo up on the kitchen slab, Suki had a second helping with Vixey down on the floor (Vixey cannot climb), and after that, she even took over Vixey's bowl, and dear little Vixey (as always) moved away to let Cleo lick the platter clean.

Btw, you won't believe what Suki has done to Vixey's favourite bungalow. She conveniently used it as a toilet, so I have had to discard the box (I mean, bungalow). Now, Vixey's assets is down to two (bungalows). Poor Vix.

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