Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good morning!

Good morning everyone. Joanie's had her breakfast. Appetite not too good, had to force-feed, but maybe it's because it's so early in the morning and she's not used to it yet. Otherwise, she looks ok to me.

Vixey spent the whole night in one of her bungalows in the room, so looks like she has accepted Joanie for now. The rest of my cats have all come back too. Things seem like normal again. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

A Miss FW wrote to me asking me to tell her a bit about my other cats (and dogs!). Well, above you will see photos of the brood. For their own little stories, please view here.

1 comment:

Miss FW said...

Hi there! thanks for dat link, i read d first ebook d,n do u blieve dat i cried reading bout ur childhood dogs? n dat lil Pan s well? reminds me a lot of my lil Mini (baby Guinea Pig). =)
Good work! now i can almost remember ur cats name and their attitudes as well~!not forgotten dat adorable bobby n macs as well.
look forward 2 read d other ebook =)