Monday, August 24, 2009

A treat of sardines

I went again, this evening, with a can of sardines, to the exact spot where Joanie had come out from this morning. I looked inside the drain on both sides, and she was not there.

I brought a little bowl, and left some sardines there with the hope that she might come out to eat.

Then, I went to the back alley to check.

This evening, the neighbourhood cats (strays as well as home pets) had all come out for their evening sojourn. So, I ended up giving them a treat of sardines instead! And did they love it!

I must have fed about ten cats in all, and after the treat, all of them followed me, like an entourage of cats tailing behind me. It must have been a really comical sight.

I then went back to where I had left the bowl of sardines for Joanie. I found two white cats (with collars) happily licking up the last traces of sardines from the bowl!
Oh well, never mind. At least I got to give the cats a treat.
I shall try again tomorrow, though I doubt Joanie would respond to my voice (that feed-me-antiobiotics-and-take-me-to-hospital voice).

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