Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joanie's progress

I thought I should take a photo of Joanie and put it up for all to see. She is doing much better now. Last night, she became restless when she tried to groom herself and could only lick the plastic collar. Poor thing. It is so important for a cat (especially a female!) to groom herself and Joanie must have got really irritated that she could not reach certain parts of her body.
She turned hostile and took it out on poor Xiao Li. Luckily both were in their respective (next-door) cages. Joanie growled and hissed at Xiao Li and put her paw through the bars, attempting to scratch the little tyke (she could not reach, of course). Xiao Li was too young to know what danger is, and obviously didn't know what was going on, and went on happily making noise in her cage!
Suture removal is scheduled on Friday, after which the collar has to be kept on for two more days. Gosh...
Right now, she is trying desperately to groom herself again, and she is getting restless...
I had better stay out of her way!
Having been a feral cat, she still has all her survival instincts. But I'm glad she is getting much better now. She even hisses at me, at times. I suppose that's a good sign?

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