Monday, August 17, 2009

Three's a crowd!

Good morning everyone. I came downstairs this morning, and after feeding my colony, was pleasantly greeted by Joanie who had ransacked her litter box completely. When I checked, she had pee-ed on her towels - a whole lot too, some even spilled into the tray under her cage. And this is unmistakbly Joanie's because Suki was in her own cage all night.

Yes!! Is it the coconut water? The vet doesn't think so, but he has asked me to keep all the "constants", ie. the medication, the coconut water and the chicken soup (for the soul? no, for the bladder!!). Do anything, as long as she pees, he had said.

Now, let me tell you something rather interesting that happened last night. I was burning the midnight oil, trying to finish all my marking, and it was already past midnight when I decided I must sleep. But Joanie and Suki were still happily tugged inside Vixey's favourite bungalow, both sleeping like babies, and I was discussing with my husband if we should put them both back into their separate cages. I was still afraid Joanie might attempt to run away (back to Old Klang Road - one cannot be too certain about these things). We talked at length over this, and finally decided we should put them back.

When we went into the room, believe it or not....

Joanie was walking back into her cage...all by herself.

You tell me....can she read my mind???

That's last night.

Now, this morning, after breakfast for the twosome, Joanie and Suki decided they wanted to move into Vixey's bungalow again, and this time, with Vixey inside!

So, both of them moved in, and oh dear, poor Vixey thought three's a crowd, so she moved out. For a few seconds the three of them were inside this little cardboard box (I mean, bungalow) and that photograph would have....well, struck a lottery!! Wasn't fast enough to take a snapshot, but here's Vixey moving out of her abode, and this is her favourite bungalow too.

Poor thing, now, Vixey's in her Summer Palace in the kitchen.

I'd say Vixey has been extremely magnanimous in sharing her space and her houses with Joanie and Suki.

What a great cat! And who says she is mentally retarded? Well, all the vets say so, based on her medical tests (blood tests and x-rays), but don't we know better?

Vixey, as I've written in Pawprints, is like Yoda. You'd never really know how much she knows.

But, she knows...

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

"Coconut water or juice is a natural diuretic, which increases urine flow. It helps prevent bladder infections and dissolves kidney stones. The therapeutic effect of coconut juice on the urinary and reproductive systems has long been known."

chankahyein said...

Hi Anon, thanks very much. Joanie's problem is a bit more complicated than that. It's not a bladder problem but that of dead tissue in that area. We are worried because the tissue connecting the urethra to the vulva is already dead, hence, she was not urinating earlier. But the wonders of nature and natural cures are beyond our understanding, so I'm thankful for anything that works! Thank you very much for your information. Appreciate it lots!

Yen Ling said...

Dear Dr. Chan,

I hope you get well soon.

I am happy that our small but thoughtful plan work and I check the blog every hour to find out on Suki and Joanie situation.

It is funny that now they live with Vixey. But I do remember that Vixey walked all the way to the living room to check us out when I was there with Suki then. Perhaps she already knows what is coming.

I believe animals have special senses. =)

chankahyein said...

Hi Yen Ling, yes, our little plan is working out (so far). They are just perfect for each other. I've had three people asking to adopt Suki but I can't separate the two now. They need each other. Vixey, is a "wise one" - ala Yoda. Yes, she knows. She knows. LOTS. Thanks for following this blog. I'm better now, thanks. Can drive, but still walking with a limp. But life goes on...limp or no limp. No time to waste!