Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joanie spotted again!

I had a totally mad day today and have been on my feet from morning till now, and I'm going off again now, to give a talk tonight at my daughter's uni, IMU.

After coming back from Mayo with Maria's cat, Hong Yee brought Aunty Kiew and before I reached home, Aunty Kiew had already spotted Joanie. This time she was on my road but one block down.

According to Aunty Kiew, Joanie saw her, and ran off.

We looked around further, but it started to rain. Quite heavily too. Aunty Kiew left some kibbles but I know the neighbourhood cats would quickly munch it all off.

I guess (and hope) Joanie would be able to find food, somehow.

There are lots of kind people in my neighbourhood, and some houses leave food out for the stray cats.

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