Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Past midnight

Hello everyone and anyone who might still be awake at this unearthly hour! I came back past midnight after a rather interesting interfaith dialogue in Gombak.

Joanie and Suki are already fast asleep now. But Joanie has not pee-ed for today, so I might have to bring her to hospital again tomorrow.

Poor girl (Joanie, and also me!)

The reason there was no posting this afternoon is that I was running around doing AnimalCare work. I am delighted that many people have written to and called me, wanting to adopt the white kitten I had advertised. White kittens seem to be so popular (white supremacy?), and I did not even know she is purebred, because the cat experts have classified her as a "belgian shepherd laekenois kitten". Goodness gracious! I didn't know that! I'm normally not too interested in branding. A cat is a cat. A dog is a dog. I don't know their "brands"!

And to that, people sometimes exclaim, "HOW can you NOT know??? I thought you like animals!" Precisely, my friends, I do like animals....that is why I don't bother to know what breed they are. I like them all.

So back to this belgian shepherd laekenois kitten now - I have three people lining up for her, but I'm most likely to give it to the first one, a very kind lady by the name of Asnidar, whom I shall be meeting tomorrow. Asnidar was looking for a kitten to give to a mother-cat who has just lost her own babies. Hey, sounds familiar, yah?

And when Rani said she has another slightly older kitten as well, Asnidar said she would take them both! Oh wow! Isn't that wonderful?

Now, I have to ask Rani to ask around for more baby kittens. I need two more baby kittens for the other two persons waiting in line.

Suddenly, we have more adopters than adoptees?

This is almost too good to be true!

Good night........good morning!!

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Anonymous said...

This post really put a smile in me, Thank you!

And yes, we are not interested in branding! haha :P :P :P

- sue