Friday, August 7, 2009

Joanie is discharged! (Day Six)

Here's Joanie, folks. I brought her back from the hospital today. Before leaving for the hospital, I talked to as many of my cats as I could - told them I'd be bringing back a sick cat who needs a home to stay.
At the hospital, Joanie walked in by herself into the carrier!
She was quiet throughout the ride home, and when I brought her into the house, Bobby (the dog) got all excited as usual and sniffed happily. Joanie went on the defensive and threw a tantrum! She refused to come out and latched her claws onto the carrier.
Took some coaxing and had to ask Bobby to please go out before I could finally carry her out. Strong girl, this Joan of Ark!
When I came into the house with the carrier, the rest of the cats were sleeping cozily so I tiptoed in as quietly as I could and went straight to the back room.
I then put her into the cage which I've set up in this room, which by the way, is Vixey's official residence - she has THREE bungalows (cardboard boxes) and two baskets in this room. She allows the rest to visit, but they are not allowed to even step into her bungalows. They only get to sleep in the old litter box.
Vixey was curious at first, but later, decided she should get angry, so she has now migrated out to the dining room and is sulking in her "other bungalow" beside the piano.
Soon, the other cats started to wake up and came into the kitchen. I quickly "bribed" them with wetfood (Pyramid Hill's). After having their fill, I brought them in one by one and introduced them to Joanie, explaining to them that she is sick and needs nursing care, so can they please let her stay?
None of them hissed, but they were not too happy either. Joanie was on the defensive, though, and eyed them suspiciously. I don't blame them. This must be so hard to understand for all of them.
"Who is this new person taking up space in OUR house?"
"Where is this new place, who are all these new people, and one of them isn't even a cat!! He barks!"
Tiger was especially curious. If you've read Pawprints, you might remember that Tiger is the friendliest of my cats. He makes an effort to be friends with everyone on the road. So, Tiger came in and sniffed. He seemed ok, and I think it's because Joanie is tabby, just like Tiger.
Tiger has his Tabby Gang down the road and they meet often (club meetings?). They are all the same type - all tabby cats.
I guess we humans aren't the only ones who identify ourselves according to skin colour then?
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none of my cats will pack their bags and run away (again). Otherwise, I would have to send Joanie for boarding, and go back and forth to nurse her.
Wish me luck, please. Meanwhile, I am still looking for an adopter for Joanie.
Joanie's hospital bill came up to RM1435.50 - Thank you, to everyone who has chipped in. Rejoice that you have all helped to save a life.
Every life is precious and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
"We are here on earth to do good to others. What others are here for, I don't know." - WH Auden.

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