Monday, August 3, 2009

Joanie's Story (Day Two, morning)

We went to Visit Joanie today. For those who don't know her story, please see this.

The first thing the doctor said was, "She's a fighter". Initially the doctors had told us that she might not survive the surgery. We were not even sure if she would survive through last night.

But she is fighting. Atta girl, Joanie. Be brave and be strong. Please get well soon.

The doctor allowed us to feed her some wetfood but she did not respond. Later, the doctor fed her some water and wetfood (mixed with water) with a syringe and Joanie ingested some of it. That's a good sign.

Her body temperature is still subnormal, so she is put on a heatpack now. Her whole body feels very cold.

The doctor is still very concerned that the sutures might not hold because her insides were so terribly messed up (dead tissue) that there was hardly anything left to suture onto after her decomposed uterus was removed.

To be fair to us, the doctor cautioned us that sometimes they would show some improvement but would still succumb after a few days. We understand that every moment of her being alive is already a miracle, and the doctors have done everything possible for her.

Please pray for Joanie.

If you'd like to contribute in any way to Joanie's medical treatment, please contact me at

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Anonymous said...

hi dear kahyein
ya....a really sad story. i wish and pray that the lovely cat will choose for her what is the best for herself. if she will recover soon without pain then we will be happy she stays with us. if she decide to go to the other side then we accept this decision too, right?! our spiritual guides will help her for sure.....