Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joanie sits up...and eats!! (Day Three, morning)

Miracles do exist, if you believe...
I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the hospital today.
With some coaxing, Joanie could sit up on her chest all by herself, and she even ate, quite a lot too, when I handfed her (slowly, over one hour).
Every moment that she is alive is a miracle. Yesterday, she was down and out, and the only sign of life in her was her breathing.
Her ability to sit up and eat are very encouraging signs, but (sorry, but there is still a "but") her abdomen is bloated today. This was what the doctors were worried about, that the suture might not hold and it might rupture. We don't know the cause of the bloating until an x-ray is taken this evening. If it has indeed ruptured, there is nothing the doctors can do. She is already on antibiotics and we can only hope the antibiotics will combat any possible infection.
But let's hinge on the good signs, and let's continue radiating positive thoughts to Joanie.
The doctors say she is one fantastic fighter!
Get well soon, Joanie. We're all rooting for you!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Kah Yein for all this wonderful work you have done to little Joanie and all other strays... thank you very very much.

May little Joanie get well real soon.

Hong Yee