Friday, August 24, 2012

Baggy eats her dinner

Andy called to update everything about Baggy. She's been very responsive to Andy in that each time Andy enters the room, she would rub herself on his leg and follow him around. This is all very encouraging indeed.

Baggy is happy and comfortable. I'm glad I took heed of my vet's advice and also that of some friends. They suggested that Baggy, being timid and so lady-like, might just do better in a quieter environment away from my boisterous cats. It looks like they are right.

For dinner, Baggy ate half a can of wetfood. Half a can is already quite a lot, actually, especially when Baggy already had brunch before leaving my house, then Emily fed her again upon her arrival. Andy was still a bit concerned if she had enough, so he gave her some kibble and she ate that too.

Of course a short period of adjustment to any change of environment is expected, but judging from the events of the day, Baggy seems to be right at home!

She spent the afternoon sleeping either in the cat-tree or in her new basket. She's been jumping from the floor onto the table as well, so everything looks good.

Have a good rest tonight, Baggy-Waggy. Tomorrow will be a new and beautiful day.

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