Saturday, August 18, 2012

Andy and Emily visits Baggy

Baggy didn't have very good appetite today. She only ate her breakfast after I sprinkled the TF on it, but it was good enough that she ate it.

She wasn't interested in lunch either, but appeared to show some excitement when I brought in the food. Sniff, sniff...not interested. Had to force-feed.

Since yesterday, she had lost interest in the steamed liver, so I figured she needed the nasty-tasting Hi-Vite supplement again since the EPO jab must be accompanied by iron supplementation.

Later, judging from her body language, I thought she wanted to eat, so I quickly steamed some liver and hoped that after a break of one day, she might be interested in it again. While the liver was being steamed, she came to the grille to look. But when I offered it, she turned her face away.

I force-fed the liver, anyway, and here's Baggy licking her mouth after that.

 Pinky Nose Baggy

Later in the afternoon, Andy and Emily came to visit and brought Baggy a toy and an ionising collar.


Baggy's not, but someone else is.

Baggy had been sitting under her table the whole day.

 Hey, Baggy!

 Andy and Emily spent some time with Baggy.

We got talking later. It was good to have someone discuss Baggy's case with. There are so many supplements and quite a few medicines that we can give, and each has its pros and cons. But what is best for Baggy? What does she need? That's the difficult part. There are so many paths we can take. Which do we follow?

I even gave Baggy half a capsule of stemcell tech today. Who knows, maybe it can help regenerate her bone marrow to build blood.

We finally concluded that the most important thing is that Baggy must continue eating. I was worried because she hadn't had any appetite the whole day. She wasn't interested in AD either.

Andy and Emily suggested I vary the diet and the brand Fancy Feast came up.

Yes, let's try that. Maybe she just needs a change of diet.

So, I quickly drove down to the store to get it before it closed for the day...

Did she eat it?

Please see next post...

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