Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Freshly steamed liver for Baggy's supper and breakfast

Yesterday wasn't exactly a good day for Baggy. I could see she was feeling rather down after the trip to the vet's and she spent the day indoors with Uncle Bobby after coming home.

 I don't quite blame her because I too was feeling rather low.

We're totally relying on instinct now to handle Baggy's case because there isn't much that conventional medicine can offer.

Late last night, I thought she looked hungry, so I tried my luck at steaming some fresh liver for her. To my surprise and delight, she loved it and ate half of it up!

 Freshly steamed and mashed liver for Baggy's supper.

 This morning, she had the balance of it mixed with her home-cooked chicken meal. She ate quite a lot for breakfast too.

For me, the fact that she is still eating is already a great blessing.

 She decided to get some fresh air after breakfast today.

 I've requested for distance healing for Baggy.

 Looking out at the world.

This is where Baggy likes to sit every day.


irene said...

Hi Dr. Chan :)

My cat Bobo recently suffered from anemia and was admitted due to low RBC just like Baggy..he's slowly recovering now but i'm worried it will happen i would like to try to feed him with liver..are u giving Baggy the usual one found in market or do i have to find the organic one? if organic, where can i find them? i read somewhere that beef liver also good for anemic cats but had no idea where to find the organic one

chankahyein said...

Hi Irene,
This is kampung chicken liver, but I think it's short in supply now. Is Bobo also FeLV+ like Baggy? Baggy's anaemia is due to being FeLV+ so it's more severe than the usual anaemia. Please do share what you gave Bobo to help him recover.

irene said...

Hmm that's what i thought..i guess kampung chicken liver is better than the usual one since they're not injected with anything..still its going to be hard for me to find..

I'm not really sure why Bobo is anemic..the vet just gave him normal meds including steroids to see if he responded which he did..Dr Steven said if he responded then no need to do any other test..right now he's on DMG and antibiotic once a day and he looks well to me..he behaves like he normally does which is good i think..he eats his favorite food, natural balance chicken and chiken liver, the one in sachet, coz he really loves the gravy..but he has to be handfed or he's going to lick the gravy only..he's not keen with kibbles anymore

i do suspect its because of flea..both Bobo and Booboo suffered from flea attack and its really driving me insane to get them sprayed and bathed with anti-flea shampoo not to mention the cleaning i have to do..but now its under control..i also giving them brewer yeast as one of ways to help prevent the fleas allergy..hard to be sure coz their skin n fur look ok..sighhh

this friday i will bring Bobo to the vet as dr Steven needs to check on RBC..hopefully he's really ok (cross-finger!) i also book the clinic for boarding during raya holiday in case he slips again

can i know where do u buy the organic wheat grass powder? planting them can only last for 2-3 days as Bobo really like them :)

chankahyein said...

Wheatgrass powder - I bought from Medifoods SS18, Subang Jaya. Many organic shops sell it. Good that Bobo responded. Baggy did not, because hers is due to the FeLV virus, that is why I'm opting for alternative methods of tackling it now.