Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Visitors for Baggy

This afternoon, Agnes and Sumitra came over to visit Baggy. Sumitra brought liquid spirulina for Baggy. Her cats have been taking this spirulina with good results for general health.

 Aunty Agnes (in yellow) and Aunty Sumitra (in blue) visited me today.

 Of course Tabs was the perfect hostess, as usual, so she got a cuddle as well.

A comfy cuddle from Aunty Agnes.

 This is the liquid spirulina.

 Tabs was interested...at this new thing.

But Baggy didn't want to lick it (it's sweet), so I diluted it with water and gave it to her by syringe.

 Baggy had dinner later.

She didn't each much, because dinner was a bit too early today (thanks to the "dinner-callers", ie. Bunny and gang). Still, she ate by herself, which is good.

Mary dropped in this evening as well. She brought a Dharma pill from her guru to give to Baggy. Mary remarked that Baggy is very calm.

 Aunty Mary came to visit me too.

Thank you, all aunties, for visiting me and bringing me goodies.


Joy E. Saga said...

Her pupils look dilated in all her recent pictures, or is it just the camera angle?

Baggy ... will be praying for a miraculous recovery. We are all sending you healing purrs and prayers over.

chankahyein said...

The pupils are dilated.