Saturday, August 18, 2012

A fancy feast for Baggy!

I bought two flavours of Fancy Feast (there were so many to choose from), and scooped out a teaspoon into her bowl.

It smelled really good...

Baggy was about to move away when she saw food (as though saying, "Making me eat AGAIN??"), but she stopped short and came around to sniff at the food....

I held my breath....

 YES!! She is eating!!

Her appetite was so good, she was eating very quickly and I replenished it each time she finished a teaspoon.

 I'm waiting for left-overs, it smells so good.

What is this new food? May I have some, please?

 Baggy ate half the can!

I'm so relieved that she still has an appetite. I guess once in a while, we all need a change, don't we?

As long as she eats, I'm happy.


Chen said...

Yay! My kitties like this Fancy Feast flavour sometimes too.

JOE NG said...

Since you did give Baggy the stemcell tech, I did come across this natural product called Touch Me from

My dog tried this and as well as Stemcell tech....... So may be you can look into it.

Winnie said...

Great effort with the variety of food & treatments for Baggy. You are the greatest!!