Saturday, August 11, 2012

Transfer Factor for Baggy

This evening, after buka puasa, Maslinda was so kind to drive all the way to give me some Transfer Factor capsules for Baggy.

The TF capsules, to be mixed with AD.

I fed Baggy one capsule about an hour ago. I opened the capsule and mixed it with AD. Gave it to Baggy in three mouthfuls. She ate it all up.

Take a look at these links:

An excerpt:

Dr. Steven Slagle, DVM  - 'A cat with Leukemia, an oral tumor, and posterior paralysis due to a spinal tumor was very ill and emaciated.  One month after starting her on transfer factors (human formula) at 1 capsule per day, there was some regression of the oral tumor, restored appetite with some weight gain, and  increased sociability.  Five months later, this cat continues to improve - she regained her normal weight, her oral tumor has regressed 80%, and she has regained the use of her hind legs and tail."  additional testimonials

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many veterinarians recommend the human transfer factors formulas, instead of the canine and feline  formulas for their sick animals. In the below testimonials, the veterinarians, medical doctor and pet owner used the human  transfer factors formulas, to treat their animals. Dr. Slagle (above) used the human formula to treat the leukemia, paralyzed cat. The human formulas comes in a small capsule and it is easier to give a sick animal who doesn't want to eat. It is easy to shove the capsule into the throat, or empty the content into the pet's food. Some people mix the powder with a little water and squirt it into the animal's throat with an ear syringe.

What are Transfer Factors:
Simply stated, transfer factors are tiny molecules that are able to convey immunity information from one entity to another to educate na├»ve cells about a present or potential danger along with a plan for action. Although the mostly notable function of these smart molecules is to speed up the recognition phase of an infection making the duration of an illness much shorter, transfer factors also have the ability to suppress an over active immune system. All said, transfer factors have the ability to balance out the function of your immune system, whether it needs to increase in function or be reduced in the case of auto-immune disorders.


With a PCV of 8%, Baggy has nothing to lose to try these complementary and alternative supplements. The above is a sharing. If your pet has a similar illness, kindly consult your veterinarian for professional advice.


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BlackieAsh said...

My cousin, who is a vet just mentioned about this human transfer factor when i told him that blackie and ash are FIV +ve. His clinic just started using this medication and apart from FIV it can be used for feline leukemia as well