Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baggy, the pink-nosed kitty....

Baggy spent the morning under her table, soaking in as much sunshine as she could.

As it got hotter, she came into the room.

By mid-day, the hungry gang (led by Bunny, usually) asked for food, and since I'm trying desperately to cut down their multiple feedings into 2-3 times per day, I just gave them some kibbles. Baggy was surprisingly interested in having some too (I could tell from her body language).

 She ate half of it, which is good. At least she has her appetite again.

About an hour ago, I mixed the TF (Transfer Factor) with some AD and fed it to her. She ate it all up. Then I thought I'd try my luck and see if she felt like eating any home-cooked meal. She did! Not voraciously, of course, being the lady that she is, but she ate quite a bit, and I fed her the rest of it. She even ate the mashed steamed liver. This is all so good, and I'm truly thankful.

 After eating, she went out to sit on the rocks. Of course she licked the rocks again.
Back to Nature, I guess. Animals know best.

 Meanwhile, Baggy's theme song now is "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer". I know Christmas is far away, but we haven't given up on Operation Pink Nose yet. It is definitely still ON!

 Baggy Pink Nose!

We want a pink little Baggy - pink nose, pink ears, pink gums, pink paw pads, etc.



loh lay peng said...

then we should call her 'pink pink baggy'.good luck to u sis.HAPPY PINK PINK BAGGY.

Lynn Yap said...

Please keep this up, Baggy! You will be well!

Karma Choedron said...

My prayers are with Baggy and her lovable family. She is so beautiful. Pink is IN!

Bern said...

Her eyes don't look dilated anymore...Definitely a picture of better health :) KEEP IT UP!! Dr Chan and Baggy!

Chen said...

I agree with Bern that Baggy looks somehow better here. Slightly more pink, more relaxed looking, or something- I can't really tell. Keep it up!

Connie said...

Must the TF doing its job! Tq Maslinda.