Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baggy's 3rd EPO jab

Baggy went for her 3rd EPO jab today. I weighed her at the clinic and am glad that there was a weight gain of 100g.

However, Baggy is still very pale. The vet wanted to do the blood PCV (pin prick on ear) to see if there was any improvement in the test results so that we would know whether to taper off the steroids or continue it. There was no improvement in the PCV - It is still at 8%. Hence, the prognosis is the same. The steroids have to continue.

On our end, we'll just continue with all the supplements we are giving. Maybe Baggy needs a longer time to respond since she is FeLV+.

 Three helpings for breakfast this morning.

 Curious at the clinic.


To put it very simply, Baggy's body need to make blood. We don't exactly know what is going on inside her body and which part is not functioning well - is it the kidneys, liver, bone marrow, etc.?

We'll just carry on doing whatever we are doing and pray for the best.

Meanwhile, Baggy is watching another episode of The Funny Bunny Show again.


Lynn Yap said...

Don't give up, Dr Chan...as with any illness, it takes time. Baggy just wants to be pampered longer...hugs, Baggy.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, we're not giving up. That is why we are continuing with all the supplements.

Uncle Legolas said...

Yay!! Baggy Pink Nose .. That is the way to go..

That's my girl you put on a 100 grams! Keep on eating up all the yummy good food and all the supplements that all the aunties got for you so you can make superb effective antibodies that will neutralized all the Felv virus and banish them all from your system. May your bone marrow produce more and more red blood cells so your little pink nose will be bright red pink! I'm still here rooting and cheering you on so you will be as big as all 6kg of me..He..he.

Love Uncle Legolas