Friday, August 24, 2012

Baggy is doing well!

Andy texted this morning to say that Baggy ate up all the kibbles he left last night and also polished off a can of wetfood this morning. She took all her medication and supplements this morning. She also urinated and defecated last night, and again, after breakfast this morning.  Everything looks really good.

From these two days, it appears that our theory (assumption) may well prove to be right. Baggy is more comfortable being alone and back in her home.

Over at my place, ever since she had been sick, she didn't even dare urinate except for once a day, and defecation wasn't even daily. For some reason, my brood also avoided the litter box and it was seldom used.

But today, I have lots of litter to clean again. My cats are starting to use the litter boxes too.

Cats are such perceptive and sensitive creatures, they must have sensed my anxiety over the litter boxes while Baggy was ill (I was monitoring them closely so that I could clean up the moment Baggy used it), so they avoided using the box as well.

Anyway, let's get back to Baggy's story for today and rejoice!

I've also asked Andy to check on dilation of her pupils. Yesterday, she must have been really excited upon reaching home, so her pupils were dilated. By afternoon, it looked normal already.

Baggy is doing well and I'm so happy!

I want to thank everyone who helped me in reaching this decision. Thanks so much in putting up with my phonecalls and emails!

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