Monday, August 13, 2012

Uncle Legolas cheers Baggy on!

One of our readers has a Siamese cat, Legolas. Here's a letter from Uncle Legolas to Baggy:
Greetings Baggy...My little pink nose..

You may not know me but I am your distant uncle, Uncle Legolas. I am your uncle because we are both from the Siamese clan.

I heard that you have not been well lately but this morning I can see your pink nose and your little pink ears. You keep on the fighting spirit my dear little Baggy. Keep on eating up the yum yum food that your Mom prepared for you. The mashed liver sound really tasty and yummy. I love chicken too with a little fish on the side...oh boy I am hungry again..

When I was little I was also a little sickly, I always get tummy ache but after I reached 2 years old I am all well and I have grown quite a lot since then. I am a little like you, I like to be away from the 'others', you know what I mean. When I am angry I make that loud noise and  make that frowning look to scare the others. I too hate going to the vet; I mew and mew loudly until it was time to go home to my favourite nook in my home. I'm a homebody you see; I guess you are too; our ancestors used to be the monks' companion in temples in the land so far away; so we don't like change so much.

Now little Baggy you get well now and eat up your yummy food and take your medicines so you can grow up big and strong like me. I am rooting for you and cheering you on and looking forward to see you grow up and live a long wonderful life. We the Siamese have to stick together...

Yours lovingly
Uncle Legolas

Thank you so much, Uncle Legolas! And here's Baggy's reply:
Dear Uncle Legolas,

Thank you for cheering me on! I went for my second EPO jab today. The doctor was really nice and I was a good girl. I did not make a fuss or even flinch. I was a brave girl today and the doctor said I was good.

I didn't make noise in the car also so that Mom can concentrate on the road and drive us safely.

I've been eating all my medicines, but I don't like that black stuff. It tastes awful. I ate my lunch just now and all the medicines that Mom said I have to eat. She says it will make me well soon and give me a pinker nose.

Mom said since you sent your photo, I should send mine to, so here's my photo below. Mom took it while I was resting.

Thank you, Uncle Legolas! You're very kind.

Baggy Pink Nose

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Chen said...

If only humans would write such courteous and sweet letters to each other!