Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monitoring the monitor lizard

On Lizard Watch tonight, we are pleased and relieved to provide the following report:

 This morning, we did a drain hole watch and spotted no reptilian snout popping up.

The drain hole watch was repeated in the evening with the same result.

 Water was also flushed down twice throughout the day, and the flow was reported to be smooth. We hope this means that the elusive reptile has already made its exit from our drain.

 Brave little Baggy took it upon herself to monitor the second post this morning.

 This evening, the four boys were on duty at the first sentry point.

 Baggy single-handedly monitored the second check point from her shelf.

 While Cleo was on duty at the third.

 It's my day off.

 Mine, too.

 As of this evening, brave little Baggy is still on the alert.

No news is good news.

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