Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maslinda visits Baggy and shares her experience with TF

This evening, Maslinda and her friend, Wana, dropped in to visit Baggy again.

Maslinda patting Baggy while Wana looks out at the other cats.

I am really praying that the TF will provide some relief and recovery for Baggy. Here, Maslinda shares three cases where she had used the TF on the cats under her care.


u know how acel is when he was admitted. he\s old, not suitable for blood transfusion, pcv not increasing even witmand practically was sent back home to die. that was more than a months ago

his first week at home was the moment that i feel worried. there are few occassion that i feel like he'll die. i force fed him with id and a/d since he has diarrhoea. gave him all the medication given by the vet etc.

at that same time, i just bought a new supplement for myself. fyi, i RARELY buy any supplement/alternative meds coz i dont really into other than conventional/science related treatments. the only alternative supplements i bought is the gamat healing which i stopped taking it 2 years ago. i bought and want to try this one because i saw with my own eyes what it does to one diabetic patient who has very bad gangrene in the hand. this med is called transfer factor (TF). i cnsume this only for a week coz i cannot bear the healing crisis but now continue using it

i checked on the contents, it basically a colostrum and egg yolk extract, i even lick the contents and it tastes like milk. one of my other friend tried to use this for his cat's wound and it heals fast. as i pity acel coz he's practically lying on the cage do nothing, but he still very alert, just that he's so weak as he's also anemic, he cant make himself to walk. i started giving him the TF. TF comes in capsule form, for acel, i took the contents out from the capsule. mix it with 3ml of water. i gave him in the morning. on that evening itself, he start s sitting down and starts grooming. i repeat the same thing that night. he has little bit of appetite coz i dont have to use syringe to feed him. put it on my hand and he'll lick the food on his own.

the very next day, i give him the TF again with 2ml of water. at that time he already sitting, grooming and start to mew. i'm not sure is it because of the TF or what so i only gave the TF once on that day. but on that night, acel already stands and start mewing louder as he wants to out of the cage. on the next day i tried to put the TF in the A/D he's eating. i do that twice a day. and by that night itself, acel starts walking around in the room, but not able to jump yet. that'll takes time, never mind.  as the day gone by, he's getting stronger, he still looks like little bit tired sometimes but he's much2 different from the day i took him home. i remember thinking that he\ll only survived for 4 days the most. but he's still much alive till today. he now eats on his own, being more like himself. but i cant get his weight up. i now stop giving the TF to acel as he looks much better now except for his skinny features and rough fur. he can now jump to the kitchen counter. it's just me who normally stop him from doing so as he still looks fragile.


last 2 weeks one of the community cats i cared for have no appetite. he seems like having flu. i sent him to pj vet for meds and antibiotic. still not ok and the nasal discharge is very bad. 2nd time he was brought to gasing as my neighbour is paying for it. (this is my neighbor\s favorite cat). even with baytril, nothing happen after 2 days. he as brought for fiv/felv test, but negative. the vet doesnt think he's having FIP also. so i plan to try giving the TF together with the meds by vet, but at different time. again i did some experiment as i did with acel. mix with water etc. nothing much happen, but he slowly gets his appetite back. after mixing ad and TF, he's much2 better and he's now running outside again and have good appetite


if u can remember i mentioned to u about bushy and her 4 kittens? bushy is a DLH stray cats in my neighbourhood. caught her on march. supposed to be sent for spaying, but since she stil breasfeed her kittens, it's been delayed. on march, one of my fren adopted her family. sadly, starting from may - june, all her kittens died one by one, even been sent to vet. bushy herself is not feeling well, no appetite etc. so i get my fren to get bushy to be tested. on june, bushy was confirmed to have FELV. by that time, all her kittens died, so she's alone and taken care by my friend.

the case is almost like baggy. she was given epo, i think about 6 jabs. nothing happen. she has no appetite, and spit everything fed by my fren. maybe once in 3 days, bushy will have the feel to eat on her own.  bushy has lost much weight since i last saw her. last week, i get bushy back into my house and was confined in the room. i tried to give the same thing like i gave acel. as i've experimented, the TF works faster when added with A/D. i gave about 15ml of A/D with one capsule of TF. bushy was sent in motionless, no appetite etc on monday. but today she's much better, eating and start grooming and wants to go out

Thank you so much for sharing and for bringing the TF for Baggy last night, Maslinda. It is very encouraging to know that it worked for Maslinda's three cats.

I'm praying hard it will work for Baggy too.



Chen said...

Thank you Maslinda!

azura said...

hi dr chan,

I was stunned to learn about Baggy's health. I hope she is getting better with the use of TF. I would like to know, which type of TF recommended by maslinda. Is it TF ADVANCE FORMULA? I read the testimonials and it seems working on leukemia n paralyzed cat. I have just adopted one stray which its hind leg paralyzed. At the moment still on nerve med. He is healthy but since he is half paralyzed, he cannot control his bladder. I would like to try this alternative med on him.

Baggy, get well soon dear. Knowing about your condition really makes me teary. Pray for your good health.

chankahyein said...

Hi Azura,

I'm not sure which type as Maslinda only gave me the capsules. I'll get Maslinda to respond to you here.

melle said...

Good to hear there're alternative option especially in cases when our furry friends do not response to conventional medicine/treatment.

I'm all for alternative treatments but always remind people to bring their pets to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment first before opting for alternative treatment.

Thank you, Maslinda for sharing. This bit of info is most helpful as I've never heard of TF before.

Mas said...


yup.its tf advanced formula. :)

Suzanna said...

hello dr. chan,

i have never head of TF before and after reading your post, i would like to try it on my mom's cat.
but i'm not really sure if it is suitable or not.

my mom's cat, Comot (a.k.a Momot), started off with a high fever & she was drooling like a paip pecah.
she was warded for 11 days at the vet, and diagnosed with FRUD (feline upper respiratory disease) and inflamed trachea (tracheitis).
she's already back at home, but not yet fully recovered. looks like she still have congested nose & still sneezing once in a while. i have to force feed her with a/d coz she refuses to eat even though she seems that she wants to eat.

can you please extend this message to Maslinda because I would like to purchase a bottle of TF for Comot, if it's advisable.

thank you so much! <3

chankahyein said...

I'll fwd your message to Maslinda.

Yani said...

Hi dr.chan,

My 10 yr old cat has spinal injury (probably fell or hit by someone as she likes to take a walk around the neigbourhood).
Her hind legs are full of laceration wounds as she's been dragging it.I would like to purchase TF for her. How do i get in touch with maslinda?thanks

chankahyein said...

I'll pass your message to Maslinda.