Monday, August 20, 2012

The Tabitha Jane Show - Live!

When we first moved in and failed to cat-proof (or rather, Pole-proof) Bunny's Place, Pole used to make repeated escapes and whenever these happened, everyone else (meaning, all the cats) would watch "the show".

Even after we finally successfully (hopefully!) Pole-proofed the place, Pole would sometimes make attempts at escaping and everyone would stop whatever they were doing and watch the show.

You've got to face it, it's entertainment for them.

Everyone enjoyed the Pole shows.

Well, today, it looked like Tabs wanted the limelight....

 Now, watch me,, over here...

 I'm going to attempt to leap over that green me, everyone. 


 Tiger wasn't watching; he was in the condo, straightening the towel before taking his morning nap.

I was feeding Bobby, but I stopped to watch, of course.

 Ok, everyone, I'm doing it me!

 Yes, anytime now, I'm going to leap over the green netting. Don't even blink or you might miss my act!

 Been there, done that. Can't be done, so don't waste your time.

 Hmm...? I'm inside the room.

 Want to watch me groom myself?

 Er, folks, a bit of a wrong calculation today, so we shall postpone this spectacular feat to another day....stay tuned for it. I need to work on the angle with more precision, you know...

 If Pole cannot do it, who can?

I didn't miss anything, did I?

 Stay tuned, folks...

 I'll be the next show!

 Oh well, I watched.


Bern said...

Dear Dr. Chan...Despite all that is happening...Your posts are truly a read for the tired mind :) Thank you for such postings that puts a smile on my face.

Chen said...

The line that cracked me up is Cleo's invitation to watch her groom herself. She looked so pretty and then the line came and it was so aptly and typically prima donna that I really laughed.

nandhini said...

hahaha u guys are so cute!!!

cindy said...

Tab sounds just like Garfield!

Ever think of coming with a cartoon series for the kids, Kah Yean?

chankahyein said...

I can just about handle everything that's on my plate right now!