Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cheering Baggy on...

In life, there are ups and downs, and today happened to be not such a good day for Baggy.

Baggy refused her lunch today, and had to be hand-fed. She looked quite lethargic after the visit to the vet's.

 With Uncle Bobby.

Later, Maslinda dropped in to visit Baggy, followed by Mr Teh. While Baggy was adopted by Andy Lew for those few months, she was particularly close to Mr Teh.


 Mr Teh and Baggy.

The dinner-callers were hungry at 5pm and it was a bit early, but they were hungry, so I offered some food to Baggy as well since Baggy could see them all eating.

Baggy ate half of it and I hand-fed the rest.

Cheer up, little Baggy, we're all rooting for you...!


Dyana said...

Get well soon Baggy Pink Nose!

mao said...

hope this helps

loh lay peng said...

be strong Pink Pink Baggy.everybody luvs Pink Pink Baggy.

mao said...

a video who support that Lymphocyte T-cell, i dunno if it's available here but do try ask around. I do know it's already available in Thai and indonesia, hope you can find that.