Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trusting the Universe to provide the answers

This afternoon, after the great news over Baggy's wonderful improvement, there were many decisions to be made again. What medication plan should Baggy follow after this? What do we continue doing? What should be tapered off? Do I still need to monitor Baggy for a few more days, or should we just continue as planned?

Questions, questions and more questions which beg answers. It called for rational thinking, weighing all the pros and cons objectively, but it also called for gut feeling and trusting that the Universe will provide an answer.

Maybe it did, because Baggy has been so happy and alert, jumping from her tree trunk and eating so well again at dinner-time, it almost seemed like she is not even sick.

Maybe now is the time for Baggy to go home.

  Clever girl, Baggy!

 Ok, Tabs....but not so near, please.

 Aunties and Uncles, I will be going home tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers for me. I'm feeling so much better now. 

Please continue to pray for me so that I will be really, really well soon. 


loh lay peng said...

beautiful Pink Pink Baggy,will always pray for u.

Maneki Neko said...

Wow, she really has filled out in the past couple of weeks! The last photo of her, perched atop the tree stump, shows such a remarkable improvement. Wishing Baggy an easy and peaceful shift back home. :-)

zally said...

Dr.Chan,,I really hope she will stay with you 4ever, but in her situation right now, very difficult decisions need to be made for everyone's sake and we all understand..i've already missed Baggy,,always pray 4 your quick recovery..your 60 friends from johor here send all their love 4 you Baggy..please eat much, play much and happy much...