Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Preparing for Baggy's trip home

Tomorrow, Baggy will be going home to Andy and Emily's place.

 This morning, I ate TWO cans of Fancy Feast!

I'm praying that Baggy's appetite will be maintained and maybe, as Hippocrates says, "Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food" will be the miracle "cure" that we are looking for Baggy.

 It rained again this morning, and after the rain, Baggy quickly went out from the room.

 Pretty, pretty Baggy!

I shall certainly miss little Baggy, but I will be wishing her well every moment.

 I went out to buy a new fishpad for Baggy to bring along with her tomorrow. She loved it and spent some time scratching on it.

 The old one (which was originally Baggy and Baloo's) is very worn out and Bunny had claimed it long ago.

 This is my very own fishpad!

 Fancy Feast for Baggy to take along tomorrow.

She might get tired of it after awhile, but no worries, because Andy and Emily will always have lots of different kinds of food to whet Baggy's appetite.

 That's her medication and supplements.

Another five more times of the steroids on alternate days, and she will be off steroids already. The rest are supplements. The little yellow tablets is B Complex (helps in appetite) and Folic Acid (helps in making blood). I think a nutritious diet and supplements (not drugs) will do Baggy a lot of good.

I'm cleaning and washing some of her other things now.

I think my brood has been really "understanding". They know I've been giving Baggy so much attention lately (why, she even gets the more aromatic food while we have to eat the same old thing!), yet they have taken everything in their stride. For this, I'm really thankful to them.

And I also want to thank everyone for helping me think this through and for being very supportive once the decision was made. It means very, very much to me.


Bern said...

I will miss you too Baggy....Be well and happy back home :) LOVE YA LOTS!

loh lay peng said...

Pink Pink Baggy WISH U GET WELL SOON.MAY U BE WELL N HAPPY.will pray for u.

Uncle Legolas said...

My Dear Baggy Pink Nose..

I wish you well..I wish you that you'll safe and be happy and most of all get well really really soon. I and my friends will be with you in spirit rooting for you and cheering you on and keeping you warm with our loving thoughts and affections for you.. Just give me a howler if you need me..anytime..
Uncle Legolas & Friends

Maneki Neko said...

Dear KY, I know you have agonised over this decision, but it really does seem like the best possible solution for everyone involved, and I'm truly thankful that Andy and Emily will continue with the excellent care you've given her. When you think about Dr. Vijay's very grim prognosis, every day of Baggy's life is a bonus, and I think all of us who follow your blog are rooting for her, hoping she lives in comfort, no matter how many days or years are left. *hugs*

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Maneki and Uncle Legolas. Yes, every day that she lives in a blessing and bonus. That's how I feel every morning when I come downstairs and see her sitting up happily waiting for breakfast. I know Andy and Emily will provide her with everything that she needs. The bonus there is that she will have a quiet place to recuperate as a stress-free environment will do her a lot of good right now. Thank you very much for rooting for Baggy.