Monday, August 6, 2012

A reptilian the drain

For the past few nights, we saw Baggy and Cleo sniffing curiously at the two drain holes in the Clubhouse (the photo above was taken last night).

We should have suspected something was inside, but it didn't cross our minds until this morning when I was there with them, and I saw a longish grey-coloured snout popping out from under the drain hole cover.

Then I remembered my husband saying he had spotted a huge iguana crossing the road 2 houses away a few days ago.

Oh gosh, this must be the iguana, and it must have crawled in from outside the drain all the way through our drain to the back of our house!

However, I saw a snout with its eyes, but my husband saw only a forked tongue. And he said maybe it's not an iguana but some other reptile.


 We flushed water down, hoping to get it to crawl back outside.

Baggy is the brave one. She's been sniffing at this drain hole for the past few days.

 I'm scared...

 I'm not bothered...

 We figured if the iguana is big, it could push its way up and open the drain hole cover, so we quickly placed the tree trunk on the cover.

Tabs is on top of things, as always.

 Do not fear, Tabs is here...

(Actually, shh...Baggy is the brave one.)

We flushed water down for quite sometime and waited at the drain outlet outside, but nothing came out. Either it had already come out, or it's still inside. Judging from the flow of the water, which isn't exactly smooth, it may still be inside.

A friend said it is probably a monitor lizard and these reptiles are scavengers and not hunters. They don't eat live animals. This friend said the best is to leave it alone and it will probably find its way out on its own.

 Meanwhile, we have placed the tree trunks to completely cover the two drain hole covers. The other drain hole is also covered with a piece of tile and flower pot. All three possible "entrances" into the Clubhouse are covered now.

The cats ought to be safe as there is no other outlet for it to come into the Clubhouse now. The only way for it would be to backtrack along the drain and go out. But being so big, can it turn around and backtrack?

I hope the monitor lizard (if it is a monitor lizard, that is) finds its way out soon.

Monitor lizard watch at 9.55pm - No signs of it. All is okay at the Clubhouse.


Winnie said...

I am a bit disappointed..
When I saw the first three words in the headline I was hoping to see a lizard hanging out with the cats in your beautiful garden haha.

Connie said...

Yikes! Sounds like a predator. I hope whatever it is lurking inside the drain reverse it's way back to the main drain.

chankahyein said...

Yes, we're all on the alert. It's kind of scary, because we don't really know what it is. We don't even know if it's still inside the drain.

loh lay peng said...

becareful Sis.i remember a friend told me her kitten was eaten by a moniter lizard.better lock all inside.May All Be Free From Harm n Danger.

chankahyein said...

Thanks for the alert!

Ming said...

if u saw a fork tongue. then is definitely not an Iguana. btw,Iguana are vegetarian.

Be alert during night time and afternoon. Morning is when they need the sun to get their eneies.